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Speaking Engagements
“In early 2013, Davies was recommended to Jesuit Social Services as a person of outstanding quality and skill, who could assist us with implementation of the African Australian Inclusion Program in Perth, Western Australia.

Meeting him has been a delight. He is profoundly articulate and able to engage audiences to the highest senior level in the bank. With his HR background he is able to build a bridge to National Australia Bank (NAB) executives, and speak in a knowledgeable way about issues including organisational culture, performance management, and coaching and mentoring. All of these areas are essential to successful implementation of the program in NAB, and the fact that Davies can communicate so well is a ‘godsend’ for the program.

Davies has presented to NAB audiences, and has done so with flair, and great skill. He is an excellent public speaker, and understands the art of engagement.

What is even more important to us, is that he is authentic, passionate and generous, committed to the common good – and to doing anything he can for the community.”

Pamela Webb

Director, Just Leadership,  Jesuit Social Services
Why ask for Coaching?
Firstly, I would like to give you an example: If you were trying to find your way to a particular destination in Perth today in 2013 and you relied on a 1970 Street Directory or GPS system to find your way, chances are that you will be struggling and get lost a lot of times before finding your destination. Many people operate like this when it comes to achieving their dreams. They use their old Maps of Reality or old Blue Prints – old Belief Systems to achieve their dreams. If you are struggling in your life right now, or you do not have what you desire in your life: in your relationships, in your finances, in your business or in your job, chances are that YOU ARE USING THE OLD MAP OF REALITY, and you need to UPDATE IT.

We are all CONDITIONED! Our well-intentioned parents, society, media or significant others tried to bring us up in the best way they knew how. Unfortunately, through their conditioning, even though it was well-intentioned, it was really passing on “limiting beliefs systems” from one generation to the next. There are cutting-edge techniques to move you from settling for mere efforts to real results, and you will benefit from our Coaching Services.  You will upgrade & update your current map of reality that is not working for you.

Psychologist Albert Ellis states: “The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You don’t blame them on your mother, the ecology or the President. You realise that you control your own destiny”.
HR Services
“You did a FABULOUS job; you are God sent in our business. Please find attached the job approval form. Thank you very much for your quick and timely delivery.”

Fridah Muchiri – Managing Director – Rainbow Child Care Services Pty Ltd

If you have a business or a job, YOU are accountable for RESULTS. Dr Dennis Kimbro states: “The market does not pay for efforts, it pays for RESULTS, and you must produce”

We are all ACCOUNTABLE in the workplace. Being 99% accountable does not work. Dr Robert Anthony states:
“The difficult, but most important step, is taking accountability for where we are right now. As long as we deny being responsible for our life being the way it is, as long as we blame society, parents, our mate, friends, family, the government, our employer, or anyone else, we PUT OUR POWER TO CHANGE OUR LIVES BEYOND OUR REACH. If we deny, even 1%, that 1% adds and multiplies every day. The only way we can move from an IMPOSSIBLE TO A POSSIBLE SITUATION is to be totally be accountable at all times. If you are not accountable 100% of the time, then it sets you up as the victim for the times you choose not to be accountable.”