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 “Your book is so amazing, I told my on Cousin to read “Engineered for success…” My God! I could not put it down when I was reading it. You are a top notch Author”.  

Mo Haji, Australia

 “It is a wonderful piece of work and we do look forward to lots more”

Dr Peter Mbago Wakholi
Author - African Cultural Education and the African Youth in Western Australia, Founder and Coordinator African Cultural Memory Youth Arts Festival (ACMYAF)

 “What a master piece! You're indeed "Napoleon Hill" reincarnated! You've succeeded in making a complex, world-tested principle easy to adopt and apply. The book is admirably clear, concise and a delight to read. Be rest assured that you've set a gold standard for would-be African authors in the Asia pacific. “

Dr Eben 'Kunle Sholarin PhD, PMP, Curtin University - Australia

“You may have just started a fire that cannot be engulfed. I am lost for words”

 Dr Chanda Mumbi , IT Consultant

  “I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, it was mind opening! The book is well written and really captivating.”

 Huguette Nkashama ,  Accountant

It’s not a mistake that you are on this website. There is a reason for everything that happens. When you consciously focus on something, you become increasing aware of that thing. The very act of consciously focussing on something sends feedback to your unconscious that what you are focussing on is of conscious interest to you.



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