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"You did a FABULOUS job; you are God sent in our business. Please find attached the job approval form. Thank you very much for your quick and timely delivery." Fridah Muchiri – Managing Director – Rainbow Child Care Services Pty Ltd

If you have a business or a job, YOU are accountable for RESULTS. Dr Dennis Kimbro states: "The market does not pay for efforts, it pays for RESULTS, and you must produce."

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"Your book is so amazing, I told my on Cousin to read "Engineered for success..." My God! I could not put it down when I was reading it. You are a top notch Author."

Mo Haji

"What a master piece! You're indeed "Napoleon Hill" reincarnated! You've succeeded in making a complex, world-tested principle easy to adopt and apply. The book is admirably clear, concise and a delight to read. Be rest assured that you've set a gold standard for would-be African authors in the Asia pacific."

Dr Eben 'Kunle Sholarin PhD, PMP
Curtin University, Australia

"It is a wonderful piece of work and we do look forward to lots more."

Dr Peter Mbago Wakholi

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