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Personal Development Services

Personal Development Services

Money back guarantee

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Our Services include:

  • Mentoring,
  • Coaching: How to publish a book
  • Ghost writing for time poor clients
  • And many more client tailored solutions

Givers or Takers Consciousness

We believe that one of the secrets of life lies in the mystery of giving. In giving we express who we truly are and what we truly care for. We regard our work as an expression of giving and when we truly give ourselves, we receive.

When we continue to give from abundance consciousness, there is no depletion; instead we are grateful because someone gains from our giving. As we discover our BEING MORE consciousness, we reveal our WORTHINESS and we give more. When we are worthy of who we are, wealth comes to us. In other words, BEING MORE precedes HAVING MORE! We love to mentor and coach, as through them we give more.


"A great mentor, a great author and a great human being...You are an exemplary mentor and I appreciate and treasure everything you taught me. Some of the best positive conversations I have experienced in life were held with you." - Irma Sumair